Our 2017 Holiday Concert

⁓ Love and Joy Come to You ⁓

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Robert Bowker and his 25 professional singers bring you the most eclectic sampling of Holiday music to be found anywhere. From early music and well-known carols to brand new holiday samplings both classical and contemporary. Pop, Gospel, Blues, Country and Comedy songs will make your holiday truly special.

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The World For Christmas

O Magnum Mysterium

The Lakeside Singers Spring Concert Series

So Little Time….. So Much Singing

Come have a good time as The Lakeside Singers present a happy mix of unbelievable variety. In the first half you will hear selections by Elgar, Whitacre, Mozart and Hindemith, along with two pieces from Cuba. The second half will feature songs by the Beatles, The Real Group, Shania Twain and so much more we don’t have time to tell you. Just come and have fun with us.

From the Artistic Director

We are well into the process of finalizing our repetoire for the Spring oncert series. It is my plan to update this site regularly to speak about some of these pieces in more detail than we have time for in performance. Also, I invite anyone who reads this to suggest repertoire for us in the future. See you soon!

-- Robert Bowker --

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