Kids on Track
An Outreach Program of the Lakeside Singers

Kids on Track is a natural extension of the Lakeside Singers' eclectic approach to music. Each of our concerts includes classical music in the first half and amplified popular music in the second half. Kids on Track takes this broad-based approach into the Chicago area public schools culminating in a recording session and a guest performance with the Lakeside Singers.

Now entering our thirteenth year, we have worked with students and teachers from Kelly, Whitney Young, Lincoln Park, Harper, Carl Shurz, John Marshall, Hubbard, North Lawndale College Prep, Clemente, Crain, William Taft, Lake View and Morgan Park high schools. Working with the high school vocal directors in each of these schools, one classical and one popular piece of music is selected. After three or four rehearsals at each school, the students are taken to a professional recording studio where they record the music with professional instrumentalists. Following the recording session, we edit and mix the tracks and give a CD of the performance to each of the students. In addition, the group is asked to perform as guest artists with us in concert.

Here's a video of Robert Bowker describing the program:

At our Lakeside Singers’ 2016 Benefit, Michael Gibson’s Curie High School Musicality Singers performed with us to a standing ovation and thunderous applause! We had worked with Musicality for two years in our Kids On Track outreach program. Talent begets talent. This past year, Musicality was selected to audition for "America's Got Talent". They made it through the semi-finals and gained millions of fans.

Here's a video of one of their performances:
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